Delight Exercises Studio

STUDIO STRENGHTS (Private Class) ; TB.1200++ / Pax
^Resistance training with weights is a great calorie burner and excellent way to build muscle.
As muscles repair from the workouts your body’s metabolism is increased. This means that
calories are burned by Studio strength at an increased rate long after you finish the Studio
Strength class
MOTR (Private Class) ; TB.1200++ / Pax
^ combines the comfort of a foam roller with the challenge of three weight level
resistances, giving you a challenging and incredibly diverse workout tool. Motr also Improve
your strength, balance, agility, sports conditioning, cardio – even Pilates! … Strength
training, balance and agility work, functional training, cardio and core: the workouts you
need to gain a strong, agile body and balanced musculature.
Core ABS (Private Class) ; TB.1200++ / Pax
^ strengthen your core, improve your posture and power, and let your six pack shine.
TRX (Private Class) ; TB.1200++ / Pax
^ TRX turns every exercise into a challenge for the core by using two very accessible
resources: gravity and your bodyweight.
Aerial Yoga or Gentle Yoga ; (Group class) TB.700++/Pax
KIDS below 12 y.o = 50% off
^ Handle Fly is a dance inspired approach to handle Fly yoga. It is combining the benefits of
the world’s finest methods such as traditional Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Aerial/hammock.
Fitness Centre
Open : 08.00 am – 08.00 pm.
Muay Thai Boxing Academy
(Located nearby the large infinity pool, at the hillside facilities)

Daily classes ; TB.1,000++/Pax
* 10.00-11.00 am. or 03.00-04.00 pm.
* Kids below 12 y.o = 50% off
* Muay Thai Beginners to advanced
* Maximum 3 persons

Personal trainer (Private Class) TB.1500++/Pax

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