Breakfast Menu
Good Morning! Sawasdee Ton Chow

  • Fried Eggs—sunny side up / Over easy*
  • Omelet—with your favorite filling: tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, ham, cheese/ or just plain.*
  • Scrambled Eggs—plain*
  • Poached Eggs*
  • Boiled Eggs—please specify boiling times in minutes.
  • Fried Eggs – “Kaikata” North-Eastern Thai Style— with pork sausage, minced chicken meat, chopped spring onions, a dash of soya sauce
  • · Egg Benedict – Pimalai—two poached eggs, English muffins, home-marinated salmon gravlax and Hollandaise sauce.*
  • Cold cut & cheese
  • Oatmeal—served with cinnamon sugar. Please choose your preferred milk, full cream, low fat or soya.
  • Pancakes— fruit salsa, berries sauce & whipping cream.
  • Pimalai’s French Toast—with butter & maple syrup.
    * Served with bacon, sausage, potato & tomato

Asian Breakfast

  •  Miso soup with condiments
  •  Boiled rice—with your choice of chicken or pork
  • Wok fried jasmine rice—with your choice of chicken or pork
  • Pan fried chicken or pork gyoza with dip
  • Steamed pork or shrimp dim sum with ha-gao sauce
  • Thai omelet—with your choice of chicken or pork
  • Fried Eggs – “Kaikata” North-Eastern Thai style—with pork sausage, minced Chicken meat, chopped spring onions, dash of soya sauce


Selection of coffee & chocolate:
• Iced & hot coffee
• Iced & hot espresso      
• Iced & hot cappuccino
• Iced & hot decaffeinated coffee
• Iced & hot latte
• Iced & hot Americano
• Iced & hot chocolate
• Iced & hot decaffeinated coffee
Selection of tea:
• English breakfast tea     
• Earl Grey tea
• Mint tea
• Jasmine tea
• Chamomile tea
• Darjeeling tea
Selection of milk:
• Full cream milk
• Low fat milk
• Soya milk
Selection of fresh fruit juice:
• Orange juice
• Pineapple juice
•Watermelon juice

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